Crystal Kismet ethical sourcing and how we pick our crystal suppliers

Crystal Kismet ethical sourcing and how we pick our crystal suppliers

🌟 Ethical Sourcing 


Ethical sourcing of crystals and minerals is the process of ensuring that the crystals and minerals you purchase are through responsible and sustainable methods.

This includes:

  1. That the workers are being paid a fair wage and all human rights are met.
  2. Workers are not being exploited or suffering any terrible working conditions
  3. The mines and working faculties are clean and safe environments to work in.
  4. That there is no child labor.
  5. The profits are not being used to fund war, terrorism or political corruption.
  6. That all social and environmental aspects to the workers and the surrounding communities are considered.
  7. The crystals and minerals are extracted from the ground with minimal environmental damage. Example small-scale or artisanal mines where the families or villagers work together often using picks and shovels rather than mechanized equipment.



Mindfully sourcing crystals and finding suppliers that we could trust was not an easy task, because there are no standardized regulations on what constitutes an ethically sourced crystal.

We put in a ton of research to find our suppliers and resources for purchasing crystals. This is something we have to do on a regular basis, not because we have to but because we want to and it is important to us to be completely transparent with where we source our crystals. 


🌟 How we choose our suppliers and keep our promise to you 

We only choose suppliers that can illustrate to us their traceable supply chains. Meaning, they have provided us with documentation such as images from the mines, cutting facilities, disclosure certificates, and mining licenses. They have answered all our questions above concerning ethical sourcing. Our suppliers also have shown to us evidence of visiting the mines and facilities where the crystals are cut, polished and packaged up for shipping.

The trusted suppliers we do use have the personal contact with several sources in and around different areas of the world including Brazil and the surrounding areas. They work with small family suppliers or mine owners and they are valued in the crystal business.

We do not use just one supplier, we also work with many suppliers, and small family owned mines here in the US. We seek out the best quality raw, rough, tumbled, polished crystals and minerals.

 You might even see my husband and I out and about rock hounding here in California, Nevada and Oregon. 

There are very few items purchased in the world today, which do not have some sort of environmental impact, unfortunately everything we buy has some sort of consequence. We can change our habits to use less plastic, recycle and make informed decisions about what we buy.  

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