Crystal Kismet ethical sourcing and how we pick our crystal suppliers

Crystal Kismet ethical sourcing and how we pick our crystal suppliers

🌟 How we choose our suppliers

We only choose small suppliers that can illustrate to us their traceable supply chains. Meaning Our suppliers have shown us evidence of visiting the mines and facilities where the crystals are cut, polished and packaged up for shipping. We have seen documentation such as images from the mines, cutting facilities, disclosure certificates from COOCAMAI , and mining licenses from IBAMA .

They have answered all our questions concerning ethical sourcing.

Environmental impact

How is the miner/mining company working the land?

Are they using harmful mining practices?

Are they remediating the land after the area has been "mined out"?

What exactly are they doing?

Fair Trade

Are the miners,cutters,polishers paid a fair wage?

What hours do they work?

Worker Safety

Do you hire underage workers?

What kind of protective equipment are they provided with?

The trusted suppliers we do use have personal contact with several sources in and around different areas of the world including Minas Gerais Brazil, and the surrounding areas near Ametista do Sul, Brazil. They work with small family suppliers or mine owners that are valued in the crystal business.

We do not use just one supplier, we also work with many suppliers, and small family owned mines here in the US that are members if the AGTA ( American Gem Trade Association). We seek out the best quality raw, rough, tumbled, polished crystals and minerals.

With all this said, are the items we choose ethically sourced ? to the best of our knowledge, yes. 

 How, as a consumer, are there ways to tell when a crystal probably isn't ethically mined.

Ask questions, be informed   

"Where is this crystal sourced?"  

Most of the time, crystal shops just buy from a large wholesaler, and have no direct connection or understanding of where their crystals come from.  

"Does the mine owner pay a fair wage and provide personal protective equipment to the miners?"

The price tag. It costs more to provide ethically sourced crystals.  The question should not be, "Why is this crystal so expensive?" It should be "Why is this one so cheap?" 

 There are very few items purchased in the world today, which do not have some sort of environmental impact, unfortunately everything we buy has some sort of consequence. We can change our habits to use less plastic, recycle and make informed decisions about what we buy.  

  We hope this helps with making your next crystal purchase

Want more information on this topic here is a great video check it out here

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