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Crystal Kismet

Beautiful Translucent Grade AA Peachy -Pink Moon Stone Ethically Sourced ,Healing Crystals

Beautiful Translucent Grade AA Peachy -Pink Moon Stone Ethically Sourced ,Healing Crystals

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Listing is for 1 Beautiful Translucent Grade AA Peachy-Pink Moon Stone Ethically Sourced ,Healing Crystals

⭐ Handpicked

⭐ Please keep in mind these are natural stones that can have natural minor pits , cracks, various inclusions, or other markings that make each stone unique.
These are not defective or damaged but are natural markings. You will receive the exact same item that is featured in the photo unless stated otherwise in description.
Please view photos for an example of the size.

Moon Stone As per Hindu legend, moonstone was formed by moonbeams while the Romans believed it was created from drops of moonlight.
All varieties of moonstone are loved for the distinct sheen called adularescence, an optical phenomenon similar to labradorescence found in labradorite gemstones. But, unlike labradorite--which only has bright flashes of light at various angles--adularescence has a gentle, more consistent "glow" from within.

💜Location: mined in Minas Gerais Brazil

💜 Properties : Happiness - Good fortune -Nurturing - Mothering - Unselfishness - Humanitarian - Love - Hope - Spiritual insight - Easy childbirth - Safe travel -New beginnings -Abundance - Ancient wisdom

The best moonstone qualities are empathy and compassion. More than this, moonstone’s effects include the ability to tap into higher intelligence and enhance one’s innate clairvoyant abilities.
Moonstone holds a distinct feminine energy, but it is no way threatening to the divine masculine. Instead, this energy is creative and intuitive, working to create a better life experience for the individual in question by inspiring action, and by reducing stress and emotional imbalance. Place the stone in places where family or shared house tensions can run high and let it bring the temperature down into a softer and cooler place. Find a home for your Moonstone in studios and workspaces to welcome a little more creative play, and place the stone close to the bed for when you are aiming to bring power and positive balance to fertility issues.

💜Opens and activates Third Eye Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra
💜Zodiac signs: Cancer, Scorpio
💜Associated months: June, July
💜 Tarot card: High Priestess
💜 Planet - Moon
💜 Element - Water
💜 Vibration - Number 4
💜Color: cream, yellow, blue, grey, peach/pink
💜Luster: Pearly
💜Mohs hardness of 6-6.5
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