⭐ Listing is for 1 Clear Quartz Sphere Ethically Sourced

Because they are natural stones, they will vary in size and characteristics.
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Clear Quartz Sphere

LOCATION: Madagascar

Approximate size

💜 1.25 Inches 31.75 mm

💜 1.18 oz or 33.6 g

💜Location: mined in Madagascar

Clear Quartz
Harmony - Energy - Healing - Psychic abilities - Clarity - Calmness

Clear Quartz is also known as Crystal Quartz or Rock Crystal. It is a natural form of silicon dioxide and is a 10th Anniversary gemstone.

Clear Quartz is known as a powerful and universal healing stone, Know as the “master healer”, it works on all areas of the mind and body, awakening, amplifying, and transmitting energy and clarifying thought processes. It is an excellent stone for meditation, directing energies with more intensity. It connects to the higher self, removes negativity, and allows access to your spirit guides. Clear Quartz provides clarity in thinking and awareness. Improving your memory and providing clarity of mind. Clear Quartz is excellent for amplifying the energies of other stones or to enhance groups of stones and is ideal for gridding.

💜Opens and activates Crown Chakra, All Chakras
💜Zodiac signs: not associated with any zodiac sign, though it has been known to reduce Capricorn's stubbornness and Leo's
need for power, as well as rendering Gemini more tolerant.
💜Associated months: not associated with any
💜Color: Pure Quartz is colorless or white
💜Element: All (Earth/Fire/Air/Water)
💜Vibration Number: 4
💜Luster: Vitreous
💜Mohs hardness of 7

Peace 💜 Love and crystals !

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Warning for your safety please be careful handling your crystals some can have jagged, sharp edges and can possibly chip.Please keep away from small children and pets.

Clear Quartz Sphere Ethically Sourced



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