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Crystal Kismet

Deep Burgundy Sphalerite & Druzy Quartz Small Specimen Ethically Sourced

Deep Burgundy Sphalerite & Druzy Quartz Small Specimen Ethically Sourced

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⭐ Listing is for 1 Deep Burgundy Sphalerite & Druzy Quartz Small Specimen Ethically Sourced

You will receive the item in the photo very beautiful deep burgundy color with sparkly druzy quartz !

Deep Burgundy Sphalerite & Druzy Quartz

Approximate size

💜 Length – 3.9 cm Width – 2.3 cm Height – 1.7 cm

💜 14.8 g

Location : Elmwood Mine USA

Sphalerite metaphysical properties:

Protection - Discernment - Grounding - Energy - Balance - Creativity - Confidence - Empowerment - Fluidity of expression- Adaptability Strength and Resilience -Recovery

Sphalerite is an excellent stone for stimulating passion, growing confidence and sparking creativity. As an energizing stone it help balance an overactive mind and help us overcome intrusive or defeating thoughts. Sphalerite can be a reminder that when our mind is restless, to getting up and moving and this will have a calming effect, also helps to prevent nervous exhaustion and fatigue.
Sphalerite is a stone that protects us by helping us to protect ourselves. Its grounding properties keep us from deceiving ourselves; it helps us to avoid getting caught up in what is unrealistic or even impossible. When we are present and with a clear mind, we can see what is truly most valuable in our lives, and work to secure and protect these gifts.

💜Opens and activates The three lower chakras, primarily the root chakra
💜Zodiac signs: Gemini
💜Color: commonly silver and grey, but can also be seen as red, black, yellow, brown, green, and colorless.
💜Planet - Earth
💜Element -Earth and fire
💜Vibration number- 5
💜Mohs hardness of 3.5 - 4

Peace 💜 Love and Kismet !

For More information on Cleansing ,Charging and Caring for your crystals Visit our site http:/
Warning for your safety please be careful handling your crystals some can have jagged, sharp edges and can possibly chip. Please keep away from small children and pets.
See more on ethical sourcing on our about page
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